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Huzzah! The Official Collingwood 2010 Website is ONLINE! 22 February, 2010

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Today the official  Collingwood 2010 website went online, so all your questions regarding events, time schedules etc. will now be answered. But that’s not all – information about Admiral Lord Collingwood’s life and his achievements, a special page for “Young Tars”, articles – and even Bounce got his own space! Woof!


Workshops and talks and exhibitions and parades and and… this is going to be a busy year, and not only  in and around Newcastle! Events are planned for Menorca (we already mentioned it here), Collingwood in Ontario/Canada and Collingwood in New Zealand. Additional information will be available in time on the official website.

Dolls made by artist Teresa Thompson. From the collection of Emma C.

Now I only have to try and find at least one date where I can catch a talk by Max Adams… please spread the word that the website is online; the more, the merrier!

Oh – this will make my fellow Aubreyad-aficionados in the area happy: On 6 March, you can watch “Master and Commander” at Morpeth Town Hall, 2pm, free admission!

More Articles, Events, Memorial and Online Monument 25 January, 2010

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The Collingwood 2010 Festival is up to a good start; there’s a good number of articles available now, and more are very likely to follow.

So, what do we have for you today…


talks about Collingwood, his achievements and about the upcoming events. And you can read about the


“(…) A planning application has been lodged with Newcastle City Council for a derelict sloping site at the junction of Dog Bank and Broad Chare, near Trinity House. Artist Gordon Young has been commissioned to create the memorial and has come up with a concept of a towering ocean wave.The 35ft long and 15ft tall work will be made from steel in which would be set reconstituted coloured glass. (…)”


Let’s hope people will show some respect for a change and that this won’t turn out to be one big tag-magnet… There’s a fund-raising to realise this monument; please call the memorial fund on 0191 232 8226 for donations.


has an article including some comments by Susan Collingwood-Cameron, Collingwood’s great-great-great niece. Those who’ve seen “Trafalgar’s Forgotten Hero” will very likely remember her.

And for those who can’t visit the Collingwood monument in Tynemouth in person,


courtesy Britannica Online Encyclopedia. Bonus: no attacks by low-flying pigeons.

Last but not least – if Newcastle is too cold for you, why not visit Menorca?


Special thanks to Volgi for sending in some of the links. Feel free to contribute as well, folks; I’m grateful for every tip.