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Happy Birthday, Admiral Collingwood! Let’s raise our cups… 26 September, 2011

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… and what tea would be better suited to celebrate his birthday than one poured from the Trafalgar teapot? One with a lacing of rum…

Featuring the Trafalgar captains (Old Cuddy can be seen on the left), this is a must-have for any naval aficionado. And of course, no celebratory birthday supper would be complete without “Admiral Collingwood” – Doddington’s truly heroic cheese!

Tea or cheese or rum or port: here’s to the most formidable Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, “that noble fellow Collingwood”: may he never be forgotten and always remembered with greatest fondness and admiration!




Would you like some Cheese with your Festival Ale? 19 February, 2010

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We had the Collingwood tin soldier.
We had the  Collingwood washing stand.
We had the Collingwood beer.

And while we’re waiting for the commemorative Collingwood chocolate, thanks to Doddington Dairy Ltd. you can have


Admiral Collingwood - Truly Heroic Cheese

Sightings of Wallace and Gromit on the A697 to Wooler have already been reported.

Special thanks to Nana for this one.