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“Old Cuddy” is a spin-off to my regular blog, “The Joyful Molly”. I  felt that Admiral Lord Collingwood deserves a blog in his honour, especially in 2010, which sees the 200th return of his day of death. All his great military achievements aside, I mainly admire him for his qualities as a decent, honourable man. We don’t have enough of his kind nowadays.

Miss Molly Joyful

Miss Molly Joyful - no, not really. But on the internet, nobody knows that you're a dog. ;-)

I use wordpress mainly as an inventory of information about the Royal Navy, British history, art, music, politics, daily life and fashion in the 18th century. I do this because I’m a geek, because I have fun with it and because I can.

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Important: I won’t tolerate any kind of hate-speech or personal attacks here.


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1. Contact and navigation « "Old Cuddy" – Collingwood 2010 - 14 February, 2010

[…] Contact jump to navigation […]

2. Captain Rotheram - 13 March, 2010

Hi Just wondered if you had seen these?


Molly Joyful - 13 March, 2010

Yes, they are fantastic! I’ve already posted them to my regular blog when they came out, but I’ll definitely promote them here on “Old Cuddy” as well. :)

It’s amazing what people contribute…

3. ShipRat - 16 March, 2010

Hey Captain Rotheram (notice I’ve learned to spell your name right), do I remember correctly that you did some drawings for the collingwood2010 website?

4. Granville Thompson - 11 April, 2010

Someone (supposedly) called Rotheram did indeed do a cartoon of the Admiral dropping acorns which appeared in the official Collingwood 2010 Festival publication and has been reproduced on the Festival website http://www.collingwood2010.co.uk/young_tars.php#Acorns

As indeed the discussion evolved on this blog however, I wonder if this was the cartoonist’s real name (bit of a coincidence if so) or (more likely) someone having a sly dig at Collingwood for the way in which he treated Rotheram?

Not sure if there’s any more pictures… maybe he’s reading this and will oblige??

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