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The Collingwood Society: Last Event of 2013 15 November, 2013

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“The Trafalgar Storm”

An illustrated talk to the The Collingwood Society
Dr. Dennis Wheeler, assisted by Dr. Tony Barrow


Tuesday 19th November 2013:  7.30pm
The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House

Free for members of the Collingwood Society, £2 admission for others.

Dr. Wheeler talks about the EU research project which assembled and analysed centuries of meteorological data from RN warships, shore observing stations and merchantmen from the likes of the East India Company and Hudson Bay Company.  He then draws on the specific entries of the vessels at Trafalgar, together with those of the Cadiz naval station and vividly paints a picture of the developing storm as seen through the eyes of those at the Battle. Dr. Barrow will add some historical (and Collingwood) context, which we are confident will then generate some fascinating floor discussions and opinions.

For contact and more information, please download the flyer for this event here.

In other news: has anybody read this book? Is it any good or not?

“The Life of Admiral Collingwood” by Geoffrey Murray (1936)




1. Jen - 15 November, 2013

It’s in the National Library of Scotland, so I can read it at some point. Haven’t yet.

I’m going to the Trafalgar storm talk – looking forward to that :)
The whole project fascinates me.

2. Nana - 17 November, 2013

It´s not as “scientifically good” as the Adams or Warner bios are, but it reads nicely enough, and there are some interesting illustrations. And I like it better than the Orde one…

3. Jen - 20 November, 2013

It was a good talk, although as usual with these things they tell you what they found out, when what I really want to know is how they did it ;)
I’ve found a bit more about it at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/events/2010/04/presentations/contentonresearch2.pdf though.

Next year sounds really good – Collingwood as CinC in the Med, Collingwood and the Aubreyad, something musical, navigation in the Age of Sail… I’m all excited already :)

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