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The Collingwood Society: First Event of 2013! 11 January, 2013

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Time to mark 29 January, 7.30pm in your diaries, agendas and electronical devices (the back of a beer mat is also acceptable, as long as it’s the Collingwood 2010 Festival Ale)!


“Collingwood’s Stick –
the Life and Times of Captain Edward Rotheram CB RN”


A talk by Dr Tony Barrow to a meeting of
The Collingwood Society

Highly praised for his undeniably brave service during the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars, Edward Rotheram was Captain of HMS Royal Sovereign, flagship of Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, at the Battle of Trafalgar. 

You can download the flyer with all details here.

I still try to figure out what event(s) I could visit this year. If you have the same problem, do not despair: eventually, the Collingwood Society will build an archive into the new website, in which presentations to the Society will be lodged. How’s that for good news?

By the way, how about paying for your bottle of Collingwood Ale with this…?


Next time this comes up at an auction, I’ll hopefully be more successful than during Diarygate.



1. Jen - 13 January, 2013

I got two bottles of ale the last time I was in Newcastle – one I drank on Christmas Eve and one I meant to drink at New Year but still have. I was pleased about that because I hadn’t seen it for a while and wondered if they’d stopped.

Not planning to go to this one, but I do intend to get to Morpeth on 7th March – haven’t actually put the holiday request in yet, though :)

Granville Thompson - 15 January, 2013

The Collingwood Festival Ale is still very much in production and available at discerning ale houses, dining establishments and purveyors of liquid refreshments throughout the north-east, variously in keg and bottle form. Having become a firm favourite amongst the region’s drinkers, it has entered the portfolio of Wylam Brewery. Since it is now two years since the Festival however, the ale is currently undergoing a re-branding and will soon re-appear as the Collingwood Pale Ale. Previews of the new bottle label will be supplied to this fine arena of coomunications on all things Collingwood in the near future.

Jen - 18 January, 2013

Hooray! Now can you just convince someone to sell it a bit further north and not as far east? ;)
Although I believe I was in Newcastle 17 times last year, so it’s not like I never have the chance to buy any. Not sure if I’ve tried any of the other Wylam stuff – I should…

2. ShipRat - 7 February, 2013

I look forward to reading Dr. Barrow’s presentation when it becomes available.

It would be fun to browse through Rotheram’s Commonplace Book, with its “idiosyncratic”, “cynical” observations on naval life:

Feeling the lack of Collingwood Ale here in the colonies, I’ve consoled myself with this:
Named after him at second hand via the town of Collingwood, Ontario where it’s distilled.

Molly Joyful - 5 March, 2013

I’m so sorry your post got stuck in the queue so long! I thought I’d changed the link limit for replies, but for whatever reasons, it was switched back to the default setting. Argh!

*prepares to fight yet another hopeless battle with wordpress*

3. ShipRat - 7 March, 2013

Molly! Of course it is no problem at all. (I admit the level in the bottle has since changed…)

What’s the link limit? so’s I don’t run afoul of it again.

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