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Trafalgar Day: A Toast! 21 October, 2011

Posted by Molly Joyful in Collingwood Society, Cuthbert Collingwood, Events, Nelson, Royal Navy.
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On this Trafalgar Day, you can raise your glass to our dear Old Cuddy and the other heroes of the Battle of Trafalgar at his North Tyneside monument.

The event has been organised by North Tyneside Council in honour of Collingwood’s role in directing the British fleet to victory at the 1805 battle against the French and Spanish as his commanding officer and best friend, Horatio Nelson, lay mortally wounded.

Proceedings will start at 11.40am and will include a short address by Captain Stephen Healy; the toast will be held at noon.


1. ShipRat - 25 October, 2011

any photographic evidence?

Jen - 25 October, 2011

Not of the toast itself – I was too busy listening :)


I got hold of a couple of spare programmes if anyone is interested…

ShipRat - 25 October, 2011

Yes please.

(ermm… *technologically challenged*… I don’t remember how WordPress works; are you able to message me privately or do I have to send you a link?)

2. Jen - 1 November, 2011

I don’t know either – but you should be able to work out my @livejournal.com email address from the above link, and we can try from there?

3. ShipRat - 1 November, 2011

I just emailed you – I think.

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