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201st Anniversary of Admiral Collingwood’s Day of Death 6 March, 2011

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It was on 7 March 1810 that Cuthbert Collingwood died aboard the Ville de Paris, off Port Mahon. So tomorrow will be the 201st anniversary of his day of death – no parades, salutes, speeches and memorial services this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about him!

As discussed last year, Old Cuddy will again get flowers on 7 March, and we hope that this can become a bit of a tradition. A yearly “thank you” from the people whom he still inspires, over 200 years after his death.*

In the meantime, please have a look at the beautiful pastel portrait of Admiral Collingwood by Rum Inspector. Just click the thumbnail:

* Donations are not necessary, all costs have been covered.



1. ShipRat - 12 March, 2011

Collingwood writing to Mrs. Hall, October 1809 (after over 6 years’ absence at sea):

. . . Don’t you think Lady Collingwood is well prepared for her widowhood: she will make an admirable widow. I suppose she must go through all the ceremony just as if she had a husband all this time.

Molly Joyful - 13 March, 2011

Aw, that’s very sad. Life really wasn’t fair with him and his family. :(

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