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Your turn now: How about a Collingwood Society? 12 January, 2011

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“Collingwood 2010” may be over, but interest in the life and achievements of Vice-Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood has only increased. Excellent! The fewer “Colling- who?”, the better. I can promise you some interesting finds regarding our dear admiral for 2011, so please, stay tuned!

I’ve been informed that the Official Collingwood 2010 Website will stay online for the time being. Please do check back once in a while, new pictures have been added to the gallery and new reports.

And now for some really exciting news: there are talks about the formation of a Collingwood Society! I think we can all agree on a very loud “AYE!” here, but there’s something each of you can do to contribute to this cause:

Please e-mail your views and ideas regarding the formation of a Collingwood Society on this temporary address:

collingwoodsociety at yahoo.co.uk

Your mail will go to the people behind “Collingwood 2010”.

I’m absolutely in favour of a Collingwood Society (big surprise there). While Collingwood’s military achievements were outstanding and changed the course of history, I still feel that the fact that he was a decent, honourable man in a time which was neither nor is just (and to me, even more) important. Because it’s decent and honourable people we need today as role models. Because the Gods know, we got far too many of them.

So please, do write, do share your thoughts and spread the word!

Thank you.

And as I’m already thanking – thanks a ton to Nana for giving Old Cuddy a Bounce for Christmas!

As you can tell, he’s very happy about it – for his personal taste, this household has far too many cats!



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2. ShipRat - 29 January, 2011

Whatever is he doing? That notorious killjoy “Old C” would never, ever smile.

To Mrs. Stead [his sister-in-law]
Ocean, December 19, 1808
My dear Sister – . . . The quiet that you fear would hang heavy on your sister’s [his wife’s] love of gaiety, would be delightul to me. A few friends that I love and esteem, and who I believe regard me, is the true source of rational pleasure. Those who can only be cheerful in a crowd are most dependent creatures and much to be pitied. . . . You cannot think how you disappoint me, in first raising my expectation to the highest pitch, and then not telling me what endearing pretty things Mrs. Reay said to Sarah of me. It is my opinion you have disappointed her too, for she intended I should know the high estimation I was of, in her mind. . . . The letter I wrote to her was of necessity. Her husband wrote to me, by the style and manner of which I marked him mad, and as it was proper I should answer his letter, yet at a loss what to say to a man unhappily in his case, I got off by writing to his lady, and I suppose said something in my letter which tickled her, though I do not recollect what. You need not tell your sister that I tickled Mrs. Reay because, perhaps, she may think more of it than the thing deserves.

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