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The Battle of Trafalgar, 21st October, 1805 21 October, 2010

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“Now, gentlemen, let us do something today which the world may talk of hereafter.”

Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood to his officers, before engaging in battle

(…) Such a battle could not be fought without sustaining a great loss of men. I have not only to lament, in common with the British navy, and the British Nation, in the fall of the Commander-in Chief, the loss of a hero, whose name will be immortal, and his memory ever dear to his country; but my heart is rent with the most poignant grief for the death of a friend, to whom, by many years intimacy, and a perfect knowledge of the virtues of his mind, which inspired ideas superior to the common race of men, I was bound by the strongest ties of affection; grief to which even the glorious occasion in which he fell, does not bring the consolation which, perhaps, it ought: His Lordship received a musket ball in his left breast, about the middle of the action, and sent an officer to me immediately with his last farewell; and soon after expired. (…)

In Euryalus, off Cape Trafalgar, October 22, 1805



1. ShipRat - 21 October, 2010

Queen, off Carthagena, December 9th, 1805.
. . . [Our triumph] would have been great indeed, had it pleased God that our dear friend had survived it. It was about the middle of the Action when an Officer came from the Victory, to tell me he was wounded. He sent his love to me, and desired me to conduct the Fleet. I asked the Officer if the wound was dangerous, and he by his look told what he could not speak, nor I reflect upon now, without suffering again the anguish of that moment. You, my dear Madam, who know what our friendship was, can judge what I have felt. All the praise and acclamations of joy for our Victory only bring to my mind what it has cost. …

Queen, off Carthagena, December 12th, 1805.
. . . Oh! had Nelson lived! how complete had been my happiness—how perfect my joy ! Now, whatever I have felt like pleasure, has been so mixed with the bitterness of woe, that I cannot exult in our success . . .

In their death they were not divided: they were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions.

ShipRat - 21 October, 2010

sorry, that should have come out as:
2 Samuel 1:23

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3. harry riley - 21 October, 2010

What a great tribute to another national hero. This picture is going on my wall

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