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Happy Birthday, Admiral Collingwood! 26 September, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Cuthbert Collingwood.
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Before I break out in dance and song, and before you join in and raid the table with the cake, PLEASE have a look at


which is simply the most amazing Collingwood-tribute I’ve ever seen online; if you love miniatures and dolls, this is a must-look-at! Huzzah!

And now it’s time to fill our glasses, my friends:


1. Nana - 27 September, 2010

Oh wow. Thank you! :)

2. ShipRat - 28 September, 2010

Nana, this present is so marvellous I can scarcely believe my eyes.

I’m months behind in enjoying all the Collingwood goodness on this blog. :-( I haven’t even had time this summer to sit back and properly listen to Max Adams read his book. Let alone investigate the preceding post all the way through. In 2 weeks I should have some leisure…

Meanwhile, by way of observing Sept. 26th:


Queen, off Carthagena, Dec. 20, 1805.

“… The editors of the Naval Chronicle have written to me for the history of my life and progress, for which they are pleased to say the world is very impatient. Now this rather embarrasses me, for I never could bear the trumpeter of his own praise. So, to get rid of it as well as I can, I have employed _____ to write a history for me. For my birth and parentage he has selected two or three chapters of Bamfylde Moore Carew*: for my service in the ‘West Indies and on the Spanish main, he has good assistance in
the History of the Buccaneers; and for my shipwreck he has copied a great deal out of Robinson Crusoe: all which, with a few anecdotes from the Lives of the Admirals, a little distorted, will make, I am inclined to think, a very respectable piece of biography.”

*i.e., “The Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, the noted Devonshire stroller and dogstealer” (1745) a.k.a. “The Accomplished Vagabond”

Must fly. (Literally. Tomorrow morning.)

Molly Joyful - 16 October, 2010

That’s a hilarious quote – now I’m very tempted to write a biography just that way! :-D

I hope you’ll have less stressful times soon; we won’t go anywhere. :)

3. ShipRat - 9 October, 2010

Hey Nana you lucky girl.

I’ve been on vacation so only now have I sat down to really look at the eifel-minis.com page with the large photos of the admiral in his lair.

suffice it to say that I started the page wearing a frown (4 time zones in less than 2 weeks can be more of a challenge than a vacation) – but I ended it with a big delighted smile on my face.

Why are we so fascinated by that which is miniature and highly detailed…

BTW I notice the admiral looks quite disapproving in one photo. Maybe he’s detected that Oscar Wilde stowed away in that sea chest. Look closely.

(now how’s that for an imaginary meeting to blow your mind!!!)

“I am not exactly pleased with the Atlantic. It is not so majestic, or even as large, as I expected.” – Oscar in mid-voyage on the S.S. Arizona, 1881

“I wish I had that man lashed to the bowsprit on the windward side”
– Captain of the Arizona

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