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Menorca goes Collingwood: Trees! Busts! Tapas! 30 March, 2010

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While I’m still moping because Collingwood’s washstand didn’t sell in Bonham’s auction (boo! hiss!), there are more reports and pictures of last weekend’s celebrations in honour of Old Cuddy:

JournalLive: Trees planted in Menorca to honour Lord Collingwood

“The trees are a gesture of goodwill and friendship from the people of the North East,” said Capt Stephen Healy, chairman of the Collingwood 200 festival committee, who will be in Port Mahon for the weekend events.

“The trees will provide a poignant, living memorial to this great figure. They will also establish a lasting link between the North East and Menorca.”

And maybe the trees will get some company:

Collingwood tribute has roots in the Med

Morpeth Mayor Ken Brown said: “I fully support the contribution in principle, but following discussions about how the sapling will be transported it is beginning to seem like the costs will be prohibitive. It will cost about £1,000 to transport the tree so it may not happen.”

(I’m not an arborist, but how about planting an acorn rather than a sapling? It would be the authentic Collingwood-method…)

Of great interest for those of us who could not attend the festivities last weekend is the bronze bust of Old Cuddy, created by artist Helen Ridehalgh. I think it’s a lovely piece of art; I really, really like it.

Photo by José Barber

Do you want to see more pictures of Collingwood’s bust? Ships? Horses? Handsome sailors? Of course you do.


And now for some links in Spanish (all with pictures):
El puerto de Maó recuerda la figura del almirante Cuthbert Collingwood

Cuthbert Collingwood, el almirante que en Maó pactó contra Napoleón

Collingwood ya reposa en la Illa del Rei


1. Nana - 1 April, 2010

The bust is by Helen Ridehalph. :)

Molly Joyful - 1 April, 2010

Oh, thank you! *edits*

Nana - 1 April, 2010

Argh! Methinks I misspelled her! But it´s only partly my fault – this is where I got the information from (bottom right corner of the plaque), and ooops…!


My apologies, anyway.

Granville Thompson - 7 April, 2010

I heard some people from the Menorcan organising committee say that the plaque did have an error on it… it is Helen Ridehalgh.

Nana - 8 April, 2010

I apologized already for spreading the mistake, but thank you for confirming. :)

– I think I spotted another spelling error in the plaque (shouldn´t it say “commissioned”?); will it be / has it been mounted with the bust, and if so, will it be / has it been corrected? Do you happen to know? I couldn´t see it in the photographs of the put up bust, but maybe one would have to be there. Ah well. Someday…!

(In the end, I don´t think it even matters that much – they showed their affection, and that´s what counts. It´s just that I get a sinking feeling it´s the sort of detail that would have driven Cuddy nuts…?)

Granville Thompson - 11 April, 2010

The plaque has been mounted below the bust at the foot of the pedestal. The Asociacion Menorca Britannia are appealing for funds to finish off the garden at present, so whether they have the money to replace or correct the plaque immediately, I don’t know. Hopefully, there will be a replacement at some stage soon – at very least for the sculptor’s sake. It is the thought that counts of course, but these things should be right. I heard that the pedestal and plaque were a rush-job and the glue under the plaque was apparently still wet as the Monmouth went out but maybe that was just for the day and they do have a plan to put it right. Let’s hope so.

Nana - 11 April, 2010

With that story to go with it, it even has a certain charme. :) Thank you for the information!

2. Jen - 1 April, 2010

I don’t think I’m in any of the pictures – I do have pictures of those horses standing on their back legs, though!

3. Jen - 4 April, 2010

Have three pictures to be going on with…

The horses: http://pics.livejournal.com/ylla/pic/000xekk2/
The timetable: http://pics.livejournal.com/ylla/pic/000xfce6/
The organ: http://pics.livejournal.com/ylla/pic/000xgs7f/

I’ve got some around el Fonduco, and just of the harbour, but it’s all going to take a bit of sorting out :)

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