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Dance: “The Collingwood Oaks” by Jen 22 March, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Art, Cuthbert Collingwood, Royal Navy.
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You have no idea how much fun it is to see all the talent and creativity connected with Collingwood 2010 celebrations. Today, here’s another truly amazing thing for you: Jen wrote a dance in Collingwood’s honour!

THE COLLINGWOOD OAKS (Strathspey 8×32)
A strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple set

Written for the 200th anniversary of the death of Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood on 7th March 1810.

1-8 1C turn RH and cast off one place. 1C dance a petronella turn to finish in lines of three across the dance, 1L between 2C and 1M between 3C. All set.
9-16 1L with 2M,3M and 1M with 2L,3L dance RH wheels. 1C turn LH to their own sidelines. All set.
17-24 1C followed by 2C dance down between 3C, part and cast back up, dance up to the top and cast off – 1C dance through 2nd place to finish facing 1st corners, 2C finish in 1st place.
25-32 Corners pass and turn – 1st corners turn RH and dance back to place while 1C dance a loop around them and finish fancing 2nd corners. Repeat with 2nd corners. 1C finish by passing RS to 2nd place on their own sides.

You can also find the dance in  Jen’s LJ ( source ).

(c) “The Collingwood Oaks”: Jen. Reposted here with her permission.



1. Jen - 22 March, 2010


There seems to be a full timetable up for the Menorca events, too – I’m a bit jealous of the VIPs who get to see round the haunted hotel, but it all looks good :)

Is there a word for the opposite of being jealous? Feeling bad because people might be envying you? :)

Nana - 22 March, 2010

I faintly recall having read somewhere that there are regular tours through Collingwood house, I believe on Thursdays…? I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Granville Thompson - 22 March, 2010

A matter of knowing who to talk to and watching for open doors…. us Midshipmen are experts at it !!

Molly Joyful - 22 March, 2010

I have yet to stay at a haunted hotel that’s really haunted – but yes, it would be great to see the hotel. Year after year I schedule a tript to Menorca, and it just never works out. Who knows, you might be lucky and still get a tour. Never give up hope!

I wish you a wonderful time; enjoy every minute and return home safe and with a nice tan. :-) And should the ghost of Collingwood really cross your path, say hello from me. :)

Jen - 22 March, 2010

I slept in the haunted room at Carbisdale Castle (http://www.carbisdale.org/ghost.htm ) a few weeks ago, and didn’t see or hear anything. I was quite happy with that, though :)

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