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Collingwood 2010 Event: “Trafalgar, the weather and Collingwood”: a talk by Dr. Dennis Wheeler 14 March, 2010

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Locals, mark next Thursday in your calendars:

A talk by Dr. Dennis Wheeler

Thursday 18th March – HMS Calliope, Gateshead,  7.30pm

Admiral Lord Collingwood’s decision after the Battle of Trafalgar to head for Gibraltar rather than anchoring the fleet is still subject of much speculation and discussion (please also see this thread). The Fleet was hit by a terrible storm, many people died, great damage was done and some of the captured prizes were lost. Should Collingwood have known? Did he have all the information? Were warning signs ignored?

Unsurprisingly, opinions vary greatly and arguments are presented with great enthusiasm. One could say that “The storm – was Collingwood right or wrong?” is the Age of Sail equivalent to “Balrogs – winged or not?”; a discussion which has kept aficionados of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work busy for decades…

Dr. Dennis Wheeler is an expert on the matter, so you can expect new facts and views; definitely an event which promises to be very interesting!

The talk is open to the public, but you have to register previously so you’ll get access to HMS Calliope.

I wish everybody attending the talk an enjoyable evening! Reports are, as always, very welcome.

And don’t forget: keep an eye on the diary on the Official Collingwood 2010 Website!