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Admiral Lord Collingwood 2010: Link Collection of Celebrations, Part 1 9 March, 2010

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Just returned home and try to make my way through a shipload of mails. For now, here’s the first part with links to reports about the Collingwood 2010 celebrations. More will follow.

First stop for all things “Collingwood 2010” is the official website, where you’ll find some great reports and pictures:

Collingwood 2010 Official Website: Morpeth opens the show …

… and Tyneside celebrates …

Check the website regularly for news!

BBC News: Trafalgar cannons fired to mark 200th anniversary

Cannons which last saw action at the Battle of Trafalgar are fired on Tyneside to mark the 200th anniversary of Admiral Lord Collingwood’s death.

BBC Gallery: Admiral Lord Collingwood celebrations

The Northern Echo:  Admiral Lord Collingwood celebrated on 200th anniversary of his death

Later, at the Tynemouth Collingwood Monument, the cannons from the Admiral’s Trafalgar flagship, Royal Sovereign, were “fired” – using pyrotechnics – to signal the start of a remembrance service. The cannons were last fired in battle on board Collingwood’s vessel Royal Sovereign as it led British ships in 1805.

Chronicle Live: Hero Admiral Lord Collingwood honoured

Captain Stephen Healy, chairman of the Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee, said: “The crowds were fantastic and the weather could not have been better. I think Admiral Lord Collingwood would have been quietly embarrassed by all the fuss we have made of him.”

JournalLive: North East pays tribute to Admiral Lord Collingwood

He was described yesterday as one of Newcastle’s greatest sons, a Northumbrian heart of oak, a great Englishman and a saviour of the nation.

JournalLive: Gallery – Lord Collingwood Anniversary

Thanks a lot to Jen for providing most of these links.


Luckily for those of us who couldn’t attend the celebrations ourselves, the ever-reliable public generously shared videos on youtube. Here’s one of the parade; just click the picture to watch it:

There’s more:

Gun salute from HMS Collingwood to Collingwood Monument, Tynemouth

And another one

Also, flowers have been laid at Admiral Lord Collingwood’s tomb in St. Paul’s; picture will follow soon.

And last but not least:

Admiral Lord Collingwood is the “Treasure of the Month” of the University of Newcastle.


1. Jen - 9 March, 2010

Welcome back :)

2. ShipRat - 10 March, 2010

A different angle on YouTube:

Camera phone or not, it’s Impressive, with HMS Cumberland like a powerful phantom veiled in its own smoke.

The poster apologizes for the dog excitedly barking at the noise but IMO it’s serendipity! ;-)

Jen - 10 March, 2010

I hope someone thought to film the salute from the shore, because the smoke ring was entertaining :)

3. Jen - 10 March, 2010

I took a few shots of the crowd to try to show some idea of the size of it, and still completely failed :)
(My camera wasn’t very happy, for some reason)

Molly Joyful - 14 March, 2010

I think you’ve done an excellent job. :) Thanks again for sharing the pictures!

4. ShipRat - 10 March, 2010

thanks Jen – I especially like 8 of 20 (gives me an idea of the scale) and 10 of 20

5. ShipRat - 10 March, 2010

From what I’ve seen in photos, the statue is more than a little the worse for wear. Looks as if people have been using him for target practice over the years a la Sphinx… but no doubt it’s just the stone flaking away.
Are you out there, Granville Thompson? Happen to know if there are any plans to conserve the statue?

6. Granville Thompson - 11 March, 2010

You should see the faces of the locals up here too….. hardy and well-weathered lot !! No plans known of, but a good argument to forward to the folks of North Tyneside Council.

7. ShipRat - 11 March, 2010

Note to anyone who got emailed my comment with the “partial” quote from G. Murray’s 1936 bio (since deleted):
I decided Mr. Murray was too negative to be given an airing here after all.

Still not used to these blogs where one can’t delete one’s comments :-P (in other words this dog is getting too old to learn new tricks)

…Nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line –
But with dear Molly’s Aid it gets unwrit.

Molly Joyful - 14 March, 2010

Haha! You get extra points for outstanding poetry! :-D

The concept of wordpress is different; it was originally more thought to be a “soapbox” than a place for interaction. The threaded discussions were only introduced a year ago. Places like Livejournal are far more suited for discussion, and offer more tools, for example editing and deleting comments.

(Btw. if you want to reply to somebody’s comment, just click on the “reply” link in the specific comment.)

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