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“His mind is calm and serene as possible…” 4 March, 2010

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On the morning of the 7th there was a considerable swell, and his friend Captain Thomas, on entering his cabin, observed that he feared the motion of the vessel disturbed him. “No, Thomas,” he replied, “I am now in a state in which nothing in this world can disturb me more. I am dying; and I am sure it must be consolatory to you, and all who love me, to see how comfortably I am coming to my end.”

Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood
26th September 1748 – 7th March 1810

Major Commemorative Events, Tyneside 6th – 7th March 2010

Admiral Collingwood and his dog Bounce. (c) Amandine de Villeneuve; may not be reproduced without permission.



1. kseverny - 5 March, 2010

i’ve heard about this guy,
Thats a cool sketch

2. ShipRat - 7 March, 2010

Sir Thomas Byam Martin recalls his final meeting with Collingwood in 1803:

‘The last time I ever saw Lord Collingwood, he was on the point of stepping into his boat, never again to touch the British shore. We walked together for half an hour, and as long as I live I shall remember the words with which, in his accustomed mildness of expression, he alluded to the sacrifices our professional duties exact of us.
‘He told me the number of years he had been married, and the number of days he had been with his family since the war commenced (then of many years’ duration). “My family are _actually strangers to me_.” He was greatly overcome by the feelings thus excited, and, taking me by the hand, he said, “What a life of privation ours is what an abandonment of everything to our professional duty, _and how little do the people of England know the sacrifices we make for them_!” With this he turned from me to hide the tear which ran down his manly cheek, and, saying “Farewell!” walked to his boat.’

Letter from the Admiralty to Collingwood’s sister (note the date):

‘To Miss Collingwood
‘March 15, 1810

‘MADAM,-I have the honour, in reply to your letter of the 12th inst., to inform you that my Lord Collingwood has written for leave to return home, and that a successor will be sent out, without delay, to relieve him.
‘At the same time I must express my hope that his Lordship’s illness is not of that ‘alarming’ nature which you seem to apprehend. He writes in good spirits; and, tho’ he is, at this moment, desirious of coming ashore, there is not, I think, any reason to fear that his country will be permanently deprived of his valuable services. I have the honour to be, Madam, Your most obedient Servant,

From “The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope”:

‘. . . There might even be imagined an unconscious irony in the last reference to Collingwood which occurs in the Stanhope correspondence, wherein Mrs Stanhope, after the first horror which the news of her kinsman’s death had evoked, sums up thus the immediate effect of that event upon her family life:

“May 10th [1810].
“London is very gay now. … To give you some idea how we go on, I will mention some of our engagements. To-night Opera; tomorrow, concerts at Mrs Boehms and Lady Castlereagh’s; Thursday, Dow. Lady Glyn, Lady de Crespygny musick, and Lady Westmorland’s; Saturday, Opera; 23rd, 24th and 26th Balls. On Friday, of course, there are cards, but I shall not go out on account of its being the funeral of our justly-lamented friend.”‘

3. Jen - 9 March, 2010
4. Jen - 9 March, 2010

(I am hopefully no longer a green thing – although I couldn’t get either of my usual names…)

Here’s one from Morpeth from before the events, with more description of things happening there

Apparently the Morpeth Herald comes out on Thursdays, so there should be something about the events then, I hope :)

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