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Musical Collingwood? 2 March, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Art, Cuthbert Collingwood, General, Trivia.
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No, not “Collingwood – The Musical” (neat idea, though). Yilla has a question, and I’m curious about this as well – are there any music-lovers / music historians out there who could tell us more?

Back when I was plotting to write dances for people, I came across the names of two tunes from the time – one listed as a pipe march called ‘Lord Collingwood’s Victory’, and another called ‘Admiral Collingwood’s March’.

That’s all I know about them – I don’t think either was in an online tune collection, and I’m not a musician anyway.)

But I liked knowing that they existed, and that people had wanted to write them – maybe they’ll turn up in some of the various concerts planned? :)

My google-fu only produced one reference for “Admiral Collingwood’s March” – here.

Any information would be appreciated!



1. Jen - 2 March, 2010

Here’s the list for the other one – http://www.tartantown.com/images/music_on_cd/alexander_glen.pdf

I don’t know exactly what the Alexander Glen collection is, though.

2. kseverny - 2 March, 2010

i dont know but it sounds quite interesting

3. Jen - 2 March, 2010

There’s also a ‘Lord Collingwood’s Reel’ listed here – http://www.colonialdancing.org/Easmes/TOC/St041577.htm

4. Granville Thompson - 5 March, 2010

Music???? Score Morpeth tonight…. brilliant opening for their contribution to the Festival !!

5. ShipRat - 6 March, 2010

G.T., tell us more please :-)

Granville Thompson - 6 March, 2010

There were people there from the Festival Committee, so hopefully it will be reported on the Festival website… wouldn’t want to steal their thunder! However, some 1805-ers went to the reception on HMS Cumberland and some remained in Morpeth for the concert. Those I talked to from the contingent that remained reckoned the reception attendees lost out….!! wonderful local music and humour, with plenty of Trafalgar and Collingwood references. And these Morpeth folk are obviously very proud of their one-time resident.

ShipRat - 6 March, 2010

So people were torn wondering which Collingwood event to attend… :-) Enjoyable dilemma.

Jen - 7 March, 2010

But did they play any of the tunes named after him? This is what I want to know :)

I only made it to Tynemouth, but it was wonderful to see so many people around.

6. ShipRat - 7 March, 2010

Collingwood to Mrs Stead [his sister-in-law]
April 18, 1809
My DEAR SISTER,-I hope you were well entertained in the North, and entered into all the spirit of their gaieties. They are nowhere to be found more studied and more cultivated. […]

Granville Thompson - 8 March, 2010

Yes there were – Kim from the ‘Border Directors’ sang “Coaly Tyne” (to the tune of Auld Lang Syne), adapted from the Newcastle Song Book or Tyne-Side Songster, W.& T. Fordyce, Newcastle Upon Tyne, which contains a direct reference.

Tyne River, running rough or smooth,
Makes bread for me and mine;
Of all the rivers, north or south,
There’s none like coaly Tyne.

So here’s to coaly Tyne my lads,
Success to coaly Tyne,
Of all the rivers, north or south,
There’s none like coaly Tyne,

Long has Tyne’s swelling bosom borne
Great riches from the mine,
All by her hardy sones uptorn–
The wealth of coaly Tyne.

Our keelmen brave, with laden keels,
Go sailing down in line,
And with them load the fleet at Shields,
That sails from coaly Tyne.

When Bonaparte the world did sway,
Dutch, Spanish, did combine;
By sea and land proud bent their way,
The sons of coaly Tyne.

The sons of Tyne, in seas of blood,
Trafalgar’s fight did join,
When led by dauntless Collingwood,
The hero of the Tyne.

With courage bold, and hearts so true,
Form’d in the British line;
With Wellington, at Waterloo,
Hard fought the sons of Tyne.

When peace, who would be Volunteers?
Or Hero Dandies fine?
Or sham Hussars, or Tirailleurs?–
Disgrace to coaly Tyne

Or who would be a Tyrant’s Guard,
Or shield a libertine?
Let Tyrants meet their due reward,
Ye sons of coaly Tyne.

I and some of the more hardy shipmates also made it to the “Collingwood Arms” in Brandling Village in the evening and there we witnessed more music and merriment. One guy, Pete Wood, had actually written a special piece on Collingwood for the occasion (and had absolutely done his homework first!!). Pete made an album, called ‘Nelson – the Fiery Admiral’ back in 2005, together with Stewart Hardy, Penny Callow, Amy Thatcher and the Stalwart Crew Singers.

I am investigating getting more lyrics at very least… can you maybe embed mp3 tracks in wordpress and we could do even more?

7. Granville Thompson - 8 March, 2010

btw: did you see the wonderful smoke ring after the 16th round from shore? It lasted for ages and got a great cheer from the crowd (which was estimated, so the Navy tell me, at between 8 and 10 thousand around the monument alone). Wonderful day. Wonder what our Admiral would have made of it…? Bounce would have run for the Priory once the bangs started of course….

ShipRat - 9 March, 2010

MP3 tracks? – yes pleasepleaseplease.

And might some FLV’s appear as well? – would love to see and hear highlights, particularly the gun salutes (complete with famous smoke ring?)

8. Jen - 8 March, 2010

It made everyone around me laugh :)

I’ve written my dance, too – not that it is useful or interesting to anyone who’s not a scottish dancer, but it’s about all I know how to do! :)

ShipRat - 9 March, 2010

not interesting? Get it on video and demonstrate it to the rest of us (even in the far flung fur trading outposts!) :-)

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