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Musical Collingwood? 2 March, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Art, Cuthbert Collingwood, General, Trivia.
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No, not “Collingwood – The Musical” (neat idea, though). Yilla has a question, and I’m curious about this as well – are there any music-lovers / music historians out there who could tell us more?

Back when I was plotting to write dances for people, I came across the names of two tunes from the time – one listed as a pipe march called ‘Lord Collingwood’s Victory’, and another called ‘Admiral Collingwood’s March’.

That’s all I know about them – I don’t think either was in an online tune collection, and I’m not a musician anyway.)

But I liked knowing that they existed, and that people had wanted to write them – maybe they’ll turn up in some of the various concerts planned? :)

My google-fu only produced one reference for “Admiral Collingwood’s March” – here.

Any information would be appreciated!