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Ladies and gentlemen, Collingwood’s washstand has landed! 26 February, 2010

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As announced before, Bonhams is holding a Marine Sale on 24th March, 2010. Up for auction are many interesting items (this is particularly amazing), but of course, of  main interest to us is


With the owner’s family since September 1892, acquired from a dealer following a sale at Deal, in Kent of the effects of the late Vice Admiral Collingwood, by the family of the late Captain Anthony Cuthbert Collingwood RN (originally Denny), Vice Admiral Collingwood’s grandson.

You’ll find a detailed description plus pictures on Bonhams’ website. Just click the amazing flying washstand above.

The estimate for this formidable piece of furniture is £ 6,000 to £8,000. I’ll be grumpy as hell if it shouldn’t fetch more than Nelson’s pot de chambre. I wish I was rich, alas I’m not, so I can only hope this piece will find a good home – that mirror’s seen Collingwood’s face many times. A fascinating thought, isn’t it?



1. ShipRat - 26 February, 2010

If only I didn’t need a new car.

Speaking of Nelson’s pot de chambre (weren’t we?)…

The Norfolk Nelson Museum website displays the beautiful Merton Room with its exceptionally fine wax effigy of Nelson.

You will perceive that Nelson in his usual manner is ready for any emergency, even being taken short.

Note the Georgian commode – a thing of beauty though it looks somewhat unforgiving.

2. Jen - 27 February, 2010

That is an amazing list of adjectives – I keep reading it as a teak gentleman :)

3. Jen - 28 February, 2010

(Again, nothing to do with washstands – I just suddenly remembered)

Back when I was plotting to write dances for people, I came across the names of two tunes from the time – one listed as a pipe march called ‘Lord Collingwood’s Victory’, and another called ‘Admiral Collingwood’s March.
That’s all I know about them – I don’t think either was in an online tune collection, and I’m not a musician anyway.)
But I liked knowing that they existed, and that people had wanted to write them – maybe they’ll turn up in some of the various concerts planned? :)

4. Don’t forget the auction! Collingwood’s washstand has to go! « "Old Cuddy" – Collingwood 2010 - 23 March, 2010

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