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Huzzah! The Official Collingwood 2010 Website is ONLINE! 22 February, 2010

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Today the official  Collingwood 2010 website went online, so all your questions regarding events, time schedules etc. will now be answered. But that’s not all – information about Admiral Lord Collingwood’s life and his achievements, a special page for “Young Tars”, articles – and even Bounce got his own space! Woof!


Workshops and talks and exhibitions and parades and and… this is going to be a busy year, and not only  in and around Newcastle! Events are planned for Menorca (we already mentioned it here), Collingwood in Ontario/Canada and Collingwood in New Zealand. Additional information will be available in time on the official website.

Dolls made by artist Teresa Thompson. From the collection of Emma C.

Now I only have to try and find at least one date where I can catch a talk by Max Adams… please spread the word that the website is online; the more, the merrier!

Oh – this will make my fellow Aubreyad-aficionados in the area happy: On 6 March, you can watch “Master and Commander” at Morpeth Town Hall, 2pm, free admission!



1. Jen - 23 February, 2010

Oh, why are all the talks midweek? And so early in the evening – I could go down for one at 7.30, or even 7 at a push!
(At least, I think they are. I can’t find a webmaster email address to suggest that the diary would be *even better* if it listed the days of the week for events :) )

Oh well. At least they’re happening :)

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Someone’s listening….

Think there’s more to come as well, mind.

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Have a look at the two-day CLL ‘Collingwood Workshop’ at the beginning of May – that’s a weekend do. Max Adams, Tony Barrow and John Sadler.

Dennis Wheeler’s one at HMS Calliope will be a cracker too – he did a talk last year for the Nautical Institute and it was fabulous.

Re talk timings – think, to an extent, it may have to do with availability of speakers and / or venues.

Molly Joyful - 23 February, 2010

Have a look at the two-day CLL ‘Collingwood Workshop’ at the beginning of May – that’s a weekend do.

I’m very tempted; I wouldn’t even have to take days off work, definitely a plus. So much to do, so little time…

2. Jen - 23 February, 2010

Thank you – I’m seriously impressed by the efficiency, and that does make the list easier to understand for me.

I hope you took it as a general complaint at fate, or whatever it is that generally causes my life to be either double booked or completely quiet (so that, for example, I’m supposed to be in Durham while things are happening in Newcastle, and Newcastle while they’re happening in Menorca, and have no plans for the two weekends in between).
I love that people are planning all this, and I really don’t expect them to be planning around awkward people who live in Edinburgh but can’t stay still :)

Trafalgar and the weather? Is this the age old question of whether they should have anchored, could have anchored…?

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Firstly, I am but a humble Midshipman and observer of events, although I confess I am close to the High Command.

Dennis Wheeler’s talk to the NE Branch of the Nautical Institute last year was on the historic meteorolical data in RN logbooks, those of the Hudson Bay Comapny and of the East India Company and what they tell us today. Seems dry, until you realise that the way winds, seas and pressures were recorded on board ship 200 years ago corresponds exactly to the way it is still done today. ie the stats from several thousand log-books = long-term trends = well-researched opinion on global warming, etc. And all with visuals – extracts from the log books themselves, etc and a very – very – good speaker to boot. For this year’s talk, which has been integrated into the Festival, Dr Wheeler has indeed been asked to look at the Great Storm, but more to present the dilema that faced Collingwood as the storm built after the battle, rather than on the resulting impact on prizes, etc. Significant in that some of the other acknowledged experts are also wanting to catch this one… highly recommended. And a chance to visit HMS Calliope too. Need to register mind, if you can make it.

btw: did you catch the cartoon drawn by Captain Rotheram? Runs the cheese caricature close, I would suggest….

Jen - 23 February, 2010

I had to go back and look to find which one you meant – the acorns? I prefer Admiral Bounce, who makes me giggle :)

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Look for the hidden joke in the acorn cartoon….

3. Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

“meteorological” even…. “company” too… must stop charging up the rigging….

4. ShipRat - 23 February, 2010

Wish I could attend, but there are 7 time zones in the way. :-(

I am hoping that some new light will be shed on the “anchor” question.

IIRC, in “Nelson’s Fleet at Trafalgar” Brian Lavery concluded that Collingwood was at first overwhelmed, slow to respond, and “did not rise to the occasion”.

He bases this in part on an eyewitness account of C’s demeanour in the first few hours. AFAIK this account was previously unpublished – if so, it shows there is still PRIMARY RESEARCH to be done on Collingwood, if anyone doubted that…

IIRC in his opinion fewer lives might have been lost if C had given the order to anchor immediately after the battle rather than at 9 pm (?) that night. (sorry, working from memory)

Anyway – will you be able to put the text of this presentation online for us foreigners? :-)

Or will the presentations be published in any other format?

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

I expect their Lordships will approach speakers for their texts and hopefully they will be added to the website. I understand there is a fair bit of material still in reserve, which will be progressively added, to keep the site fresh. Molly seems to be adding plenty here too, so hopefully, at the end of it all, there will be a fine and lasting resource available somewhere….

5. ShipRat - 23 February, 2010

Granville, I suspect you are understating your role as “but a humble Midshipman and observer of events”…. :-)

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Being a Midshipman, I am fortunate often to stand behind greater men as they make their deliberations….

6. ShipRat - 23 February, 2010

Behind every great man there’s a midshipman pulling the strings… No, no one could have said that.

Granville Thompson - 23 February, 2010

Good try !!!

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