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This time with pictures: The Collingwood 2010 Festival Ale – plus event information 14 February, 2010

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As already announced and discussed in a previous post, Wylam Brewery has produced a special ale in honour of Admiral Lord Collingwood. I’ve kindly been provided with a press release and pictures now; the press release also contains some information on the events in Newcastle.

But first things  first – beer!

Captain Stephen Healy, Chairman of the Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee, and Matt Boyle, of Wylam Brewery, toast the launch of the new ale at the Collingwood Monument, Tynemouth. Collingwood approves, it seems!

The 4.1% ABV pale ale is described as “honey-soaked in colour with a sweet tangerine aroma from the finishing hop, light and soft bodied with a citrus zest/fresh pinewood flavour and an appetisingly dry and bitter finish”.

John Boyle, managing director of the Tyne Valley-based Wylam Brewery, said: “The Collingwood Festival Ale is going down very well indeed. In fact demand was so strong that we sold most of the first 3,200 litre batch in a couple of days.

“We had a report from the Central Bar in Gateshead that their first 72-pint cask sold out in two or three hours, when a popular cask ale would normally last two or three days.”

Captain Stephen Healy, Chairman of the Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee, said: “We’re delighted to have Wylam Brewery on board. They have produced a superb beer to help us celebrate the life and achievements of one of our greatest heroes.”

Right, I have to ask now: could some kind soul organise a bottle of this ale for me – please?
Postage paid, eternal gratitude assured. An empty bottle will do (I know it will come as a shock, but I don’t like beer… yes, I know, don’t mention it).

Captain Stephen Healy, of the Collingwood 2010 committee; Matt Boyle, of Wylam Brewery; the Collingwood Festival Ale and one of the cannons of the Royal Sovereign, Collingwood's flag ship.

The ale comes with additional information on planned events:

It will be enjoyed at a civic dinner hosted by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr Mike Cookson, on 6 March, which forms part of a special weekend of Collingwood events.

The following day, Sunday 7 March – the 200th anniversary of Collingwood’s death at sea – there will be a naval parade through the city and a memorial service in St Nicholas Cathedral, followed by a spectacular event at the Collingwood Monument, Tynemouth with warship and gun salutes, attended by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope.

Why this blog here exists isn’t a secret for readers of “The Joyful Molly” (I’m a geek, that’s why), but what are the reasons of the Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee to commit so much time to the memory of Admiral Lord Collingwood? It won’t be a surprise for you to learn that their reasons are far more serious and noble:

The Collingwood 2010 Festival is devoted to bringing him [Collingwood] out of Nelson’s shadow and into the public gaze. Throughout the year events will take place in Newcastle, Tynemouth, Gateshead, Morpeth, Sunderland and other venues across the North East.

Capt Healy said: “Anyone who has sailed in or out of the River Tyne, or visited the coast at Tynemouth or South Shields, is aware of the Collingwood Monument and every Geordie knows Collingwood Street in Newcastle.

“Few however know much about the man for whom they are named and the festival is intended to raise Collingwood’s profile, making adults and children alike aware of the achievements of this true local hero and his place in this nation’s history”.



1. Jen - 14 February, 2010

Any idea how to get hold of it? If I can get a bottle for myself, I’ll happily get one for you :)

(I’ll be back in Newcastle that weekend, I expect – but if there’s anywhere selling the bottles to take away, not just in a pub, that would be better)

Molly Joyful - 14 February, 2010

Unfortunately not. In the press release it says that “He added: “…the first batch of 700 bottles will be available in the next couple of weeks with much larger batches in the pipeline.” So I suppose it will eventually become available elsewhere. I’ll put up the information as soon as I get it. And thanks so much for offering; consider yourself hugged. :)

Jen - 14 February, 2010

OK – next time after that will be the last weekend in March (if I resist Menorca, which I really should), or whenever I go down for the exhibitions – or if it makes it onto the brewery website I’ll just order some :)

(Did I see somewhere that you’re not thinking of heading for Menorca anymore? I’m sorely tempted – I meant to go at some point, to follow in Jack and Stephen’s footprints, but I wasn’t thinking about it quite so soon)

Molly Joyful - 14 February, 2010

I would have loved to go to Menorca, but it’s just not possible. There’s no direct flight, so it would be rather expensive, hotels are already booked out etc. So local pub it is then. :)

Jen - 14 February, 2010

Yeah, I hadn’t looked into accommodation, which I thought might be difficult, but I couldn’t resist investigating the transport. It’s not all that cheap from here either.

2. Granville Thompson - 14 February, 2010

Bottles are available, along with draught, but not exactly sure who’s got what and where. You could contact Wylam themselves? Believe they might do mail order presentation packs of three bottles as well. admin@wylambrewery.co.uk or 01661 853377. Think it may eventually be available in Fenwicks as well.

Jen - 15 February, 2010

Here’s the reply from the brewery:

‘So far we have it in Majestic Wines, Gosforth. Fenwicks, Rehills, Robbs Hexham, Allendale Coop etc. soon, or you can buy direct from the brewery.’

3. ShipRat - 15 February, 2010

Meanwhile in the colonies:



Jen - 15 February, 2010

Is that a beer drought or a general drought? Not sure beer would make it intact to Canada, but I can try. Can’t do much about the other kind :(

4. ShipRat - 15 February, 2010

Just bemoaning the Festival Ale shortage here in the lonely outpost of Vancouver, BC :-)

Though we *are* having a general drought of sorts – a snow drought. The Winter Olympics are underway and wouldn’t you know it, this has been our warmest winter in 75 years. Lots of grass and mud up there at the snowboarding venue. I hate to think what the Paralympic people are going to find when their Games start on March 15. :-(

5. Granville Thompson - 24 February, 2010

Rumours today that the “Festival Rum” – companion to the Ale, approaches release…..

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