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Cheers to Collingwood – literally. 12 February, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Cuthbert Collingwood, Events, Online articles, things you don't need but probably want.
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You probably wanted to raise a glass (or two) to Admiral Lord Collingwood this year, anyway, so you might as well have a pint on him.


A BEER has been launched to mark the bicentenary of the death of a North-East naval hero.

Tyneside’s Wylam Brewery has produced the ale for the Collingwood 2010 Festival, a series of events marking the 200th anniversary of the death of Newcastle-born Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood. (…)

Captain Stephen Healy, chairman of the Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee, said: “It’s a superb beer to help us celebrate the life and achievements of one of our greatest heroes.”

No doubt, no doubt…!  It’s not listed on the website of the brewery yet, but they call it “Festival Ale”.  I’d have an alternative suggestion:


PS: Hey! Where’s my Collingwood Cider…?!



1. Jen - 12 February, 2010

Ooh, beer!
I wonder where you can get it…

2. Jen - 12 February, 2010

(can’t edit comments here, oh well)

They could have called it Collingwood Ale, at least. Festival could be *anything*.

3. Granville Thompson - 12 February, 2010

The front label says “Admiral Lord Collingwood Festival Ale”, bears the logo of the Festival, indicating “Collingwood 2010” and has a brief bio, with the famous Thackeray quote, on the rear label.

The beer is available at many Newcastle real-ale pubs, but is tending to sell out extremely quickly, basically because it’s pretty damn good. Understand Wylam are flat out keeping up with demand.

Molly Joyful - 12 February, 2010

Thank you! I just found the press release and two pictures in my mailbox. The bottle looks terrific (and so tastes the content, I suppose); as soon as wordpress stops timing out, I’ll post them.

Jen - 12 February, 2010

Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult it! :)
I’ll be in Gateshead all tomorrow, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to head back over the river looking for a drink, tempting though it is…

4. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

!!! on my post above, there is a little auto-avatar, assigned by WordPress I suppose – and it looks like a vomiting microbe.
That wasn’t meant to reflect on the product! LOL

5. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

seems the chundering microbe has firmly attached itself to my posts… Not inappropriate, since I get seasick just from reading the word “seasick”.

6. Granville Thompson - 12 February, 2010

Brew available in some pubs south of the river too – Central Hotel Gateshead for one…. first 72 ltr barrel sold out there in less than 3 hours mind. Forgot to mention before, but maybe obvious anyway, now available both in bottle and on draught. Make a few phone calls – it’s worth tracking down.

7. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

You’re making me thirsty. I’m 7000 km away.

Around here the only aqueous solution with his name on it is in the Collingwood Channel.* Delicious!

*(between Keats and Bowen Islands, off the west coast of Canada)

8. Granville Thompson - 12 February, 2010

I know it…. by the way, keep an eye out for things happening in Collingwood, Ont….

9. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

alas, Collingwood Ont. is about halfway between here (Vancouver, BC) and the UK. About 3200 km from here. :-)

BTW I checked the Town of Collingwood website the other day and could find no mention of “Collingwood 200”. !!

10. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

I didn’t check back then, but I’ll bet 2005 didn’t pass without notice int the town of Nelson, BC… hmm.

11. vasilijvani - 24 September, 2011

Добрый день!

Я видел описание курса осознанных снов тут. Надеюсь, что будет полезным.

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