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Bonhams Marine Sale – Nelson-related memorabilia (but there’s a reason it’s mentioned *here* as well!) 11 February, 2010

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Are you thinking about redecorating your bathroom? Yes? Well, don’t head for IKEA yet.


A remarkable variety of Nelson-related memorabilia, including a rare George III mourning ring, a collection of Baltic service dinner plates, and a silver urn given by Lady Emma Hamilton to her chemist, is being sold as part of The Marine Sale at Bonhams on 24th March 2010.

Not interested? Of course not, what would you want with Baltic service dinner plates in your bathroom. But how about this item here…

A washstand which belonged to Nelson’s friend and fellow Commander at the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood (1748-1810), is also up for sale, 200 years after Collingwood’s death. Nelson’s own washstand sold for £36,000 in 2005, while Collingwood’s is expected to fetch between £6,000 and £8,000.

A measly £ 8’000? Good grief, that’s outrageous. This has to go for £36’001, not one penny less! It’s now up to you, my friends – quick, quick, to the piggy bank!


(No pictures yet, but we’ll keep you posted!)



1. Nana - 11 February, 2010

*LOL* The 8000 bugged me as well. :D

Molly Joyful - 11 February, 2010

Hehe! I’ll watch that auction with eagle eyes, and there shall be howling and gnashing of teeth if the wash stand goes for less than ten grand. It’s a matter of principle. :-P

Nana - 13 February, 2010

Well, it´s been a while, but this soothes my ruffled soul:


Molly Joyful - 14 February, 2010

Haha! You find the best things. Patriotic lingerie?! Now I’ve seen it all… and “I expect every man to do his duty” – heeeeeeeeh!

I wonder if that letter is the same which came up for auction some years ago…

Nana - 14 February, 2010

That one is still up and on a different subject:
I wonder if they´d accept self-baked cookies, too…?

Jen - 14 February, 2010

Oh, why do they have a good picture of the first page, and not of the next two. I want to read about the patent eyes…

Wonderful to see, all the same :)

Nana - 15 February, 2010

Neither of the letters is in any of the three collections published. :( I wonder why no museum has bought them yet?

2. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

I don’t suppose it’s the very washstand at which the famous close shave took place? “He asked me if I had seen the French fleet”, etc. I don’t want to bury it in a comment – Tell the people about it in a subsequent post, Molly please :-)

Molly Joyful - 12 February, 2010

I have no idea. But wash stands of all kinds will be suitably covered here, I promise. ;)

ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

no, I mean the story about Collingwood imperturbably making himself neat as a pin for the Battle of Trafalgar with its attendant likelihood of getting his head blown off before dinner…

Molly Joyful - 14 February, 2010

I know what you mean. “Now, gentlemen, let us do something today which the world may talk of hereafter.” He took his time shaving and told one lieutenant to put on silk stockings, as it would be easier for the surgeon to remove in case of injury…! That’s what I call courage. I’d hid under a cot or behind a barrel.

3. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

and please with sugar on it, tell me how I can change my avatar?

Molly Joyful - 12 February, 2010

The avatar’s are created by wordpress; I can’t change them. But if you register with wordpress (you won’t need to open a blog as well, just create an account with a name), you can upload an avatar of your own choice.

4. ShipRat - 12 February, 2010

thx, will do

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