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Article on BBC online, interview with and talks by Max Adams 14 January, 2010

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This just in: an article on BBC Online about Collingwood and the 2010 Festival:


Among some information about Collingwood, you can find bits and pieces of an interview with author Max Adams.

“As a human being he really is a shining example for young people.”

And there’s some exciting news:

Max will be giving a series of talks as part of the Collingwood 2010 festival and is also helping with an educational project to teach children more about the famous admiral.

I’m all for it.


“We want to remind people what an interesting guy he was. He should be the symbol of the North East we are proud of. Everything he did was for others.

“The event is a complete one-off and if you’re proud of your region, everyone from all the family should come along and join in the celebration.”

We’ll try our best. Promised.



1. Jen - 15 January, 2010

I love the little thoughtful Collingwood. Is he yours?

Molly Joyful - 15 January, 2010

Yes! He’s the only tin soldier I have; I couldn’t resist.

(He’s standing on my desk, by the way, next to a Dalek…)

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