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2010 is Admiral Collingwood’s Year 13 January, 2010

Posted by Molly Joyful in Cuthbert Collingwood, General.
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“Then I will plant my cabbages again, and prune my goosberry trees, cultivate roses, and twist the woodbine through the hawthorn hedge…”

As you can tell from this quote by Collingwood, this blog is not about in-depth analysis or discussion of Collingwood’s naval battle strategies. There are already many experts who analyse and discuss – much better than we could, and very likely with far more enthusiasm.

What you’ll find here will be

  • updates on events
  • quotes
  • historical facts
  • trivia
  • book reviews.

People who put the well-being of others and their duties first are usually the ones who sink into oblivion first, that’s one of the unfair rules of history. Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood was directed to the end of the car park, far away from the main entrance of British history for far too many years. Interest in his person and achievements only grew during the years, and we hope that this renewed interest by the public will increase even more in 2010.

Collingwood as a trending topic on Twitter? Hey, you never know…



1. David Page - 17 February, 2010

Suggested last meeting of two old friends, Horatio Nelson and Cuthbert Collingwood aboard the flagship HMS Victory on the eve of The Battle of Trafalgar. Note; this year of 2010 there are to be events around the world celebrating the life of Lord Collingwood, the unsung hero of Trafalgar.

‘Hearts of Oak’ (a tribute to our naval hero’s by Harry Riley)
“We’ve seen some changes you and I
And more are yet to come.”
We’ve carried battles to the foe
And watched him dance a merry gig
With gunfire all around
Let’s drink a toast to that my friend!”

We’ve seen men fight and seen men die
We’ve played Almighty God and still won through.
For King and Country-clarion’s call
Let’s drink a toast to that my friend!”

“Tomorrow we will test the strength
Of English Oak, and English blood
We’ll light a fire to warm men’s hearts
For a hundred years or more
We’ll make ‘em wish that they were here
And they could call the tune
For you and I are history bound
“Let’s drink to that my friend!”

“If Nelson wants, then Nelson gets…
You’ve brought us through the darkest day
With conquests all along the way…
“Let’s drink to that my friend!”

“Lord Cuddy, ‘truth your name will shine
And it will be the same as mine
If I should fall ere struggle’s done
You’ll pound the foe until we’ve won?”

“Aye, count on me, but please be sure.
Yer’ll not expire midst Trafalgar’s roar”
We’ll both be here as wise old goats
To teem more whisky down our throats’

“I’ll echo that my Geordie lad
‘Pipes are calling; drums are beating,
England’s fleet is boldly waiting
Hearts of Oak are deadly sure!’
Let’s get to work and sink some more
We’ll drink a toast to that my friend
For the sake of Auld Lang Syne!”

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