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Events: Commemorating Admiral Lord Collingwood in Menorca 30 January, 2010

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March 27th. to 30th 2010

The Asociación Menorca Britannia Commemorating
the 200th. Anniversary of the death of
Admiral Lord Collingwood

“(…) The Asociación Menorca Britannia is proud to be arranging the 200th anniversary commemoration in Menorca of the life of Lord Collingwood, completing the full circle, so to speak, from his place of birth to his last honourable post and eventual place of death. (…)”

“(…) The Asociación is also honoured to present a specially commissioned sculptured life size bronze bust of Admiral Lord Collingwood which is to be placed in a prominent position near the harbour side and to leave a lasting memorial which all the residents and visitors to Menorca can admire in the years ahead. (…)”

Now that’s great news. And it looks like Menorca will be a busy place; it’s amazing to see how many events are scheduled:

  • Saturday March 27th.
    Saturday morning Her Majesty’s Royal Navy arrive.
    Afternoon/evening Civic reception by Consell Insular (Island Government)
    Organ recital in Sta. Maria Church together with choir and piano recital.
  • Sunday 28th.11.00hrs/14.00hrs
    Unveiling and dedication of the sculpture of Admiral Collingwood with the ships company in attendance
  • The following displays adjacent to the ship:
    The famous Menorquin Horses, Folkloric Group.
    Menorcan products market.
    Marionets to relate the Collingwood story in Spanish to the children.
    Visits around the ship.
  • Sunday evening
  • A guided tour for crew and visiting dignitaries around “El Fonduco” Hotel Almirante Collingwood. Courtesy of the Family Montanari.

  • Monday 29th. Choice of excursions for crew and visiting dignitaries:
  • Island Tour
    Forts San Felipe and Marlborough
    La Mola (and the 84.1cms Vickers Armstrong Cannon manufactured in Newcastle and supplied and fitted between 1931/36
    Sporting events, rugby, football and golf Local teams versus ships crew.

Please click the link in the title for full information on all events. Click here if you’d like to know more about Menorca Britannia.

More Articles, Events, Memorial and Online Monument 25 January, 2010

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The Collingwood 2010 Festival is up to a good start; there’s a good number of articles available now, and more are very likely to follow.

So, what do we have for you today…


talks about Collingwood, his achievements and about the upcoming events. And you can read about the


“(…) A planning application has been lodged with Newcastle City Council for a derelict sloping site at the junction of Dog Bank and Broad Chare, near Trinity House. Artist Gordon Young has been commissioned to create the memorial and has come up with a concept of a towering ocean wave.The 35ft long and 15ft tall work will be made from steel in which would be set reconstituted coloured glass. (…)”


Let’s hope people will show some respect for a change and that this won’t turn out to be one big tag-magnet… There’s a fund-raising to realise this monument; please call the memorial fund on 0191 232 8226 for donations.


has an article including some comments by Susan Collingwood-Cameron, Collingwood’s great-great-great niece. Those who’ve seen “Trafalgar’s Forgotten Hero” will very likely remember her.

And for those who can’t visit the Collingwood monument in Tynemouth in person,


courtesy Britannica Online Encyclopedia. Bonus: no attacks by low-flying pigeons.

Last but not least – if Newcastle is too cold for you, why not visit Menorca?


Special thanks to Volgi for sending in some of the links. Feel free to contribute as well, folks; I’m grateful for every tip.

Article on BBC Online and some details on Collingwood-events 18 January, 2010

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Another article promoting the 2010 Collingwood Festival, and there are some interesting details about some of the planned events:

  • Collingwood’s personal log book from his time on the 50-gun ship Portland will be on display at Discovery Museum.
  • The exhibition includes paintings, extracts from Collingwood’s letters and other objects personal to him.
  • On the weekend of 6 and 7 March there will be a memorial service in Collingwood’s honour at St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle.
  • On the same weekend a naval and military parade will take place throughout the city and there are plans to sail warships to the Collingwood Memorial at Tynemouth.
  • A range of concerts, dinner events and open days are also planned.

No word yet regarding activities elsewhere.

Quote #1: “You do not find pigeons associated with hawks…” 17 January, 2010

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Going home on a Saturday night after the movies is like hopscotch-  it’s difficult not to step on some completely plastered git (male or female) passed out on the pavement. Reading through Collingwood’s correspondence, I think it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t have approved. Or spent his summer holidays on Ibiza.

Every day affords you instances of the evils arising from drunkenness. Were a man as wise as Solomon, and as brave as Achilles, he would still be unworthy of trust if he addicted himself to grog. (…)

We can also rule out that he’d ever have participated in “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”…

Young men are generally introduced to this vice by the company they keep: but do you carefully guard against ever submitting yourself to be the companion of low, vulgar, and dissipated men; and hold it as a maxim, that you had better be alone than in mean company.

Quote: “Dear Lane…” – Cuthbert Collingwood, London, Nov 7, 1787

Article on BBC online, interview with and talks by Max Adams 14 January, 2010

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This just in: an article on BBC Online about Collingwood and the 2010 Festival:


Among some information about Collingwood, you can find bits and pieces of an interview with author Max Adams.

“As a human being he really is a shining example for young people.”

And there’s some exciting news:

Max will be giving a series of talks as part of the Collingwood 2010 festival and is also helping with an educational project to teach children more about the famous admiral.

I’m all for it.


“We want to remind people what an interesting guy he was. He should be the symbol of the North East we are proud of. Everything he did was for others.

“The event is a complete one-off and if you’re proud of your region, everyone from all the family should come along and join in the celebration.”

We’ll try our best. Promised.

Collingwood-book competition by Newcastle City Council 13 January, 2010

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An updated edition of Max Adams’ book “Collingwood – Northumberland’s Heart of Oak” is out. That’s great news. Even better news is that Newcastle City Council runs a contest where you can win the book.



I like Max Adams’ writing style a lot. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy his work, so I can really recommend  his books. “Collingwood – Northumberland’s Heart of Oak” is also available through Amazon.

Good luck!

2010 is Admiral Collingwood’s Year 13 January, 2010

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“Then I will plant my cabbages again, and prune my goosberry trees, cultivate roses, and twist the woodbine through the hawthorn hedge…”

As you can tell from this quote by Collingwood, this blog is not about in-depth analysis or discussion of Collingwood’s naval battle strategies. There are already many experts who analyse and discuss – much better than we could, and very likely with far more enthusiasm.

What you’ll find here will be

  • updates on events
  • quotes
  • historical facts
  • trivia
  • book reviews.

People who put the well-being of others and their duties first are usually the ones who sink into oblivion first, that’s one of the unfair rules of history. Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood was directed to the end of the car park, far away from the main entrance of British history for far too many years. Interest in his person and achievements only grew during the years, and we hope that this renewed interest by the public will increase even more in 2010.

Collingwood as a trending topic on Twitter? Hey, you never know…